About Makso

A growing company

Makso has been operating in printed circuit board assembly for over 30 years. In recent years, the company has been experiencing a significant growth and expects to continue to do so for the near future. To meet the growing demand for Makso’s EMS services, the site in Veenendaal was expanded with a new state-of-the art facility, bringing the total manufacturing space to 6000 m2. The building’s optimized layout and advanced production equipment are optimised for high-end electronics manufacturing, allowing us to take your product from prototype to full production.


Developments in the industry are moving fast. The time to market from idea to product is crucial for a successful market introduction of new electronics. Makso commits the necessary resources to guarantee that equipment and working procedures are ready to deliver superior quality with high efficiency, ensuring optimal results right from the start.

The Makso Academy was established to train and empower our employees to be pro-active and maximize Makso’s value for its customers: forward-looking and fully committed to serving your interests with the production of electronics of the highest quality.

Skilled and motivated employees

At Makso, you experience the true sense of family that comes from having highly engaged, motivated employees. To that end, Makso provides education and training to its staff. Regularly recurring courses are IPC A610E, IPC 7711/7721 and ESD 61340-5-1 as well as machine-specific training courses for our operators. In addition to training, Makso invests in the promotion of job satisfaction and a stimulating work environment. It is precisely this combination that leads to skilled and motivated employees who deliver quality without losing sight of the flexibility that Makso is known for.